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What’s going on here

OK, so this is supposed to be the intro to this blog. First of all, let me apologize in advance for my English. I’m not a native English speaker and you’ll be seeing a lot of strange and bad English here, for sure.

Why are we here? About you: you might have just googled one of the cameras here in my blog and misclicked in, or followed a wrong link somewhere. Well, it doesn’t matter. Come in, come in.

About my purpose… well, I have to say it’s quite a nefarious one. I won’t lie to you, cause I want to sell you classic cameras, and they cause addiction. You don’t believe me? We’ll see. Well, I thought about writing something bombastic here about my love of photography and cameras and all, but, people, I don’t take you for dumb. I mean, it’s true, I love photography and cameras and all (well, it’s a problem more than love, I got a camera problem. Big one), but, above all, I want to sell my cameras, so I made this blog to show them to you.

Some people around me had the big idea that if I bought so many cameras, It would be great marketing trying to show them to you as I see them. So they want to instill my camera disease (GAS, or Gear Acquisition Syndrome, we’ll talk further about that) into you. That is the nefarious part.

So what you will be seeing here in this blog is, short and simple, the ravings of a lunatic, pathetically trying to sell you cameras. Expensive ones. Yes, we have cheaper cameras too, but you should definitely buy the expensive ones.

About selling and buying, yes, your guess is right: this blog has a twin Ebay store, Camera Store Barcelona, where you’ll be able to find most of the stuff we’ll be discussing here. It’s Camera Store because we don’t sell pianos and Barcelona because it’s catchy. Well and I live there too. Nice place.

Buy cameras.

From me.



2 thoughts on “What’s going on here

  1. Your English is fine, better than many native speakers. I enjoyed the posts and your sense of humor. I have g.a.s. as well so perhaps at some point (if the dollar catches the euro) I will buy a camera from you. Or perhaps a lens. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

    1. Thanks, I really appreciate your comment. So, you have GAS too, eh? Bad disease: keeps your pockets empty and your wife mad. Fortunately for you, we have really good prices, and the dollar is now really catching the euro 😉
      Jokes aside, the reason why I appreciate your comment so much is that you are the first proof I have that I’m not just writing to the void of the Internet. Knowing that somebody is reading is wonderful; it doesn’t feel lonely anymore. Thanks!

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