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Parental Advisory: we’re talking Zenits

Zenits. Look at them. They’re immoral.


Am I going to write bout Zenits in the same blog I write about Leicas? Did I go crazy for good? Do we photogs make love better than common rabble? The answer to these and other relevant questions is Yes Madam, Yes Indeed.

We will save questions number two and number three for the future, as each deserves a post of their own for sure. About question number 1, I’m not only writing about Zenits, but I’m dedicating a whole section to this. No, I barely sell any Zenit, but there’s the remote chance that someone reaches this blog innocently looking for info about them and inadvertently misclicks into my store, which would be great, instantly to be mesmerised by the sight of that very expensive Zenit I’m selling. So maybe it’s worth the shot.

Alas, Zenits are generally so cheap if you buy them from Russia or Ukraine (AKA playing Russian Roulette) that we westerner salesmen find them unattractive as investments, except for those rare collector cameras, preseries and prototypes… Did I mention I have one of those for sale? Good, good. I only wanted to check if you were really paying attention.

Okay, so what can I tell you about Zenits that you can’t find anywhere else? I’m going to give you the most straightforward advice anyone in this world will ever give you about them, just in case you are thinking about getting one: Zenits are crap.

If I want to sell you something, I will have to do better, you might think. Let’s try. Here’s the part in which I try to sell you one: they’re nice crap. They’re maybe the nicest crap in the whole camera history, a crap story full of epic… and also full of epic fail. In this section you will find my personal (way self overrated) thoughts about this landmark of camera history.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say this: buy cameras. Not any cameras: buy them from me.


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