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Buy. Me. A. Leica.

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There are some guys who are even more shameless than Baron I, by veiledly asking for free samples for reviews. Baron I is true and asks directly: buy me a Leica MP and make me happy. No subliminal trickery here: Baron I is so much alpha that he goes superliminal: buy it to me.

This above is the Leica-à-la-carte of my dreams: an MP, glossy black paint, because black is the new chrome; and vulkanite cover, because vulkanite is eternal. Well, not that eternal, but truer to the original. Oh, black paint, you age so gently.

Buy it to me and I assure you a place in Valhalla next to Baron I. Throw in a 50mm Summicron and I will marry you. Hell, add a 90mm and we’ll divorce so l can marry you twice.

You only have to take note of the configuration number and order it: i’ll give you post information by e-mail.

But hey, even if you buy me a Leica, I still want your money, so go check my ebay store and buy a camera.

Cameras are good. Proof? There’s nothing in the Bible against cameras and the Bible has something against pretty much everything. Coincidence? Think twice.

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