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Measurebate your sensor

Make it RAW
Make it RAW

I recently spotted an obnoxious trend in gear review sites. Even more than trying to promote my store at the first chance, which I would never do. Geez, even more stupid than asking for five bucks for printing one copy of what’s in a blog like this guy.

I mean, why all those guys, who make sure that you have who make MONEY by being sure that you have access to all the specs of any given camera call you an idiot for wanting to know? Isn’t that stupid? I mean, calling your readers, those who ultimately are to blame for you being paid, idiots for caring about the info you give is the most idiotic, stupid, suicide move you can do.

“Oooooh, Baron I, you are exaggerating again. We don’t believe that someone could be so much of an asshole.” Now check this. And this. They call you guys pixel peepers and even less elegant things, like measurebators. Well, measurebators made me laugh cause the concept’s funny  (I normally don’t need to measurebate: I get my hard just by screaming LEICA loud in my head; then I let go and the rest comes just by itself. Tantra, bro).

Sad people like those complain about you guys going to their websites just because you want to know the pixel count on the next Canon or at which f number the vignetting is not a nuisance on a particular lens when this makes for most of the info they give. I mean, if you strongly feel that peaky hoods are definitely not chic and that white power is a big no-no this season, you shouldn’t write for the KKK bulletin. What I wouldn’t do for sure is writing for the KKK bulletin and then complaining about my readers burning crosses all around. And this is because Baron I would lie to you if Baron I said he is not a fucking snob; just not the kind of fucking snob who insults his readers for wanting to read him.

One thing I liked about that Ken Rockwell guy. He really knows how to beg; hell, he might be making a ton of cash out of it. Now if you feel like you don’t need your glossy black-painted Leica MP anymore, you can send it to me and I will make it immortan in the Internet. Because not everything must be chrome.

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