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Bashing Lomography, just for the sport

The shameless Cosina CX-2 copy that started it all. According to Lomography's corporate BS
The shameless Cosina CX-2 copy that started it all. According to Lomography’s corporate BS. BS stands for bullshit. Geez, grow a brain.

Yes, this day just ought to come. If you’re one of those bitten by the analog photography bug, I’m sure that you have an idea of what Lomography is. And if you have half a brain, I’m also sure that you know that their marketing is bullshit storytelling for hipsters. Oh, it’s so post-modern. Lomography is a brand that takes a lot of heat for pricing policies, but my beef with them is totally different. The one thing I find obnoxious about them is how they treat their potential customers like we’re retards. There are dozens of lomography products I would buy, but rewarding their communication policy just makes me sick. I mean, sometimes I, children, am a bit condescending on you, my few readers, but I do so because I know you can take a joke and that you will pick me with a grain of salt. Or more than one. I would crap my pants if someone ever took what I write here at face value, and that is the only thing that is for real about my writing.

Now this guys at Lomography, they’re serious, bro. I mean, they made up their own post-modern, dumb, version of the ‘Kodak moment’ and the ‘Leica lifestyle’ and try to sell it to us; I’d like to believe we’re smarter now. Most photographers I know agree with me: they may like or dislike their products and, surprisingly or not, most of them do like them (that is, if you take them for what they are: intentionally low fidelity gear, well most of them), but they agree with me that Lomography’s aggressive marketing targets more people that have more interest about using an analog camera as an eccentric dressing prop than people that are really going to use their stuff to take pictures. Happy snaps included, because there’s nothing wrong in not being a tormented artist 24/7.

They sell you that you don’t need skill or talent to take pictures, and they focus on the importance of spontaneity and instinct, which of course is an euphemism to the good old spray-and-pray, just that they feed you the bullshit that whatever results you get will be art. Their target are those who want to fake being artists, or who are fool enough to buy into Lomography’s marketing and really believe that  by shooting a plastic crap made in China they will pass as one.

That said, I buy from them for personal use. A lot. Maybe you will find this surprising, but I love lo-fi photography, and it is fantastic that there are companies totally committed to making all those meniscus lenses and old camera knockoffs hit the market. I think that Lomography’s offer in lo-fi is very good. The fact that I feel like having a shower every time I buy from them is a real problem; and I’m not the only one, so perhaps they have something to consider here.

Lomography, you had it coming.

Now, now, I won’t ask for five bucks for reading an article of mine like this guy here shamelessly does at the end of each of his articles, but, come on, pay a visit to my evilbay store. And buy. A lot. The expensive stuff.

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