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Going Alpha male

Alpha, bro
Alpha, bro

See what an adapter can do? Of course focus is a little tricky cause this lens, the ‘FED Summar’ was collimated specially for its native body, which, I will totally casually add, is for sale in my store, bundled with the lens.

It’s a pleasant lens to use anyway, if you can endure the inconvenience of the focussing lever and the flare wide-open.

Someone once said that adapters were the most disruptive gadget in the camera industry: ten bucks and you can bypass the schemes of first brands. Of course, first brands don’t make them because they want you to use their lenses. Besides, it would be bad marketing for them to advertise that one of the advantages of your system is that you can use glass from competitors.

But in my opinion this is what the Sony Alpha was all about: being able to use all kinds of classic lenses on a full-frame shiny-new digital camera without having to sell your firstborn to the devil to be able to pay for it. What I really mean: you could already shoot with your Summicron on a FF camera before the Alpha 7, but it had to be an M9, which at the time was close to four grand used.

The Alpha 7 has been the most interesting thing that has happened in digital photo gear since, well, forever.

And them guys at Sony sure know how to make shit up: Alpha. Lack of subtlety and appeal to testosterone make sure photo gear territory stays the turf of machoes for yet another generation. Like peeing in the corners. No girls allowed.

Now, you know that what I love most in this world is you reading my blog, and I know you like me to be happy, and all this and, well, do you know what I love even more than this? You buying stuff from my store. Because heaven holds a place for those who make others happy, and I would be ecstatic if you bought something.

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