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Watches fer butches

Russophobia: Russians say you have a bad case of it whenever you criticize anything Russian or from Russia. They do it as much as Americans say you are anti-them whenever you don’t like something done by their government; well, in the case of Americans you won’t hear it as much just because many of them are so happily ignorant of everything that happens abroad. I myself have been accused of Russophobia sometimes because how I talk about Soviet cameras. What should I do? Saying they’re not bad compared to Japanese cameras? You’d call me a liar with good reason. Truth is I’m much of a russophile and I celebrate Russia and Russian culture as much as I celebrate American, and for one time, I’m not joking. That is not to say that I think that Russian or American governments always exert a good influence over the world, oh no.

I’m more exactly a nostalgic sovietmaniac, in the sense that I collect gizmoes from or related to the old Soviet Union. Again, no nostalgia about the USSR politically.

It all began when I held my first Zenit onto my hands. It was so different. It was almost as if someone had copied a camera from the West and then this model kept evolving in a completely different line. Which, by the way, was exactly what happened. From cameras, I went to calculators; from calculators to watches; from watches to 2 wheel drive motorcycles, and from there to the dark side. Just like in the cerulean blue sweater monologue in The Devil Wears Prada, every piece of stuff is like an iceberg: it is more than it seems, with its very own backstory, and many times, even a secret life with secret wife and secret children too. I just find this secret life of Russian technology so interesting. And of course, I want it all. I‘d make one lousy buddhist, me.

There’s nothing wrong in obsessively learning every irrelevant little spec of a Lada car, but when you dream of buying one and making it your only means of transport, you’re overdoing it. I just moulted into that instar now and I think I’m losing it. The wife agrees. Emphatically.

That above is my newest baby: a Vostok Amphibia watch. Powered by the V 2416 movement, with a date display, all into an octagon case. And yes, if we were face to face, I would bore you for hours about how great it is. We men are like that. And speaking of men: it seems this bug bites men only. Cameras too. Women are more practical: we’re a bunch of idiots. The russkies knew for sure, because Russian tech all has this macho thing into. Big watches for big butches. Big male choppers, for riding bare chest across Siberia. Badass iron-cast, heavy as shit, cameras, because being a journalist doesn’t mean you ought to be a sissy.

Now let’s focus on the cameras (yes, pun). You need everything Russian, sure, but above all you need a Russian camera. And you can buy it here.  

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