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Yellow is the new blue

Why do I see sexual references in everything? I need help

As you kids well know, the Baron has repeatedly exposed his viewpoint on the so called ‘analog revival’. Long story short: this revival exists only in the minds of those ensnared by Lomography’s marketing and some other misled beings. Analog photography has been losing ground uninterruptedly for more than a decade now. Before you throw the bathwater out with the baby: no, it doesn’t mean that analog photography will end tomorrow or in a decade, it just means that there are fewer of us that enjoy it. Rejoice, for there are only true believers left here, and all this.

But there are also some victories on our side. I’m talking about two recent events. First, it looks like the new Ferrania, an enterprise founded on the ashes of the old Italian film company, has been producing and testing film for a few months now and everything is going steadily. This is a HUGE success for the very serious, very enthusiastic, guys in its lead. Please go on.

Then there’s that Special K of ours. Well, not really Kodak but its British pension fund, which took over the brand for film production after Rochester filed for bankruptcy. As I was saying, those brit grampas gave us the happiest news of the year so far when on January 5th they announced that by year’s end we will have Kodak Ektachrome in the stores. Thanks, Satan Santa. Kodachrome would have really blown my mind, but Ekta is fine. Maybe next year. Probly never. Well, sigh.

Even if those are Pyrrhic victories compared to what we’ve lost (Ferrania was a giant and Kodak was God), this is a really good sign because we get to see how the offer, instead of steadily dwindling, undergoes reconversion and adequates itself to demand.

And what are you going to shoot this new films with? Yes, a camera that you will buy from our shop. Because I’m starving and those damn sturgeon roe cans are so expensive.

PD: be careful with what you wish. There are people at the big K who say they are working on reviving Kodachrome too. Quake in fear, world, if Kodachrome hits the stores again because I’m buying ALL of it.

2 thoughts on “Yellow is the new blue

  1. Great news!!! The Kodachrome will be too much. Sure it is a brexit thing. 😀

    1. Independence is good, you see XD

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