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Plastic memberberries

That’s what I use the most to shoot right now. Surprise, m*********er.

You know, many of us GAS-afflicted spawn have the fantasy that someday we will sell everything and keep just a system to do our work. Or two. Okay, there’s my Leica rangefinder and my second body plus all the lenses; then, you can’t tell a man to get rid of his two Nikon Fs with differents prisms and lenses from 20 to 300mm; and it would be cruel to take that cutey patooty Leica R6 from him, and of course there is the Viso II for Leica screw bodies with matching Leica IIIa and a ton of Telyts…Geez, I won’t live enough lives to actually use all this stuff but I swear to God that I will riddle with bullets the motherfucker that tries to take one camera from me. It simply isn’t rational. There are chaps who work in an office, act normal all week long but then, when the weekend comes they go watching soccer and go totally apeshit and call the ref things that would make a truck driver blush. Everybody’s got a bug; mine is cameras, and I don’t think it can be cured.

But then I have a sudden outburst of sanity with a deep, sour bouquet of buyer’s remorse and go sell all my personal shit online. I experimented one of such episodes last year and got rid of a lot of good ol’ stuff with a nice vintage. Seller’s remorse is like being banged by a crash of hard-pipe hittin’ rhinoes; it hurts in the you-know-where. But being serious, I can’t really, rationally, expect to shoot all that stuff.

As paperwork piles up on my desk, I find less and less time to shoot, and when I do, I often like to work with plastic cameras. It’s funny, for someone who values touch on a camera as much as I, but I feel at home the most when I shoot my Holga or my Diana from Lomography. And I must confess: I own ALL the stuff that’s ever come out for the Diana and love every single bit of it. For me it’s not only back to basics, but back from where it all began, as the first camera that I really used a lot was a Holga. I’ve been quite unfaithful to it, as the Holga instilled into me the want for more ‘serious’ medium format cameras and from there I went to the MF Kievs, from Kiev to the Zenits, from the Zenits to the Zorkis, from the Zorkis to the FEDs, and from the FEDs, Jesus H. Christ, please save my soul, to the Dark Side. Which is Leica. I mean, I’ve been quite unfaithful but I always came back. Since my beginnings in photography are quite in the past right now, and as past always is better than present, I guess nothing will ever be able to beat what those soft, square images are to me.

Or maybe that’s just a phase and I will go back to big dollar stuff again and not touch a plastic camera with a 10 foot pole ever again. Sometimes I think I’m losing it.    

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